Site Reports

Site report is an easy way how to represent the home department - quick description of site, mentioning the infrastructure of AFS and Kerberos, current usage, and ongoing projects.

Technical data Site report templates

Materials for presentation

You can add logo of AFS 2010 Conference to your presentation.

Why to register personal conference account and use dedicated AFS space

Please remeber: you are attending European AFS & Kerberos Conference... :-)

Personal account allows you to access all conference IT resources including campus WiFi network and dedicated AFS space.

Your personal account remain valid till December 31, 2011.

All related materials (including presentation slides, photo gallery, partners materials, site reports etc.) will be stored in AFS space and make available through (un)authenticated AFS access:

Direct AFS access:


Aleternative WWW access:


Register personal conference account

To create your personal conference account (aka Orion-login) you have to fill-up simple registration form (you may choose any available valid login/password pair). Actual registration URL will be sent to each participant in separate e-mail message.

Your account will be activated within 2 days after registration.

Access campus WiFi network

TBD: Necessary information will be provided shortly...

Access dedicated AFS space

Each participant with valid conference account will get their own dedicated space to store presentation slides, site report, photos and any other materials he would like to share.

Conference AFS space is a part of University of West Bohemia production cell All configuration setting should be generally available by way of requesting DNS SRV records info. If you encountered any problems, please use the following simple static configuration:

AFS cell:
Kerberos realm: ZCU.CZ

AFS-DB servers:,,
Kerberos servers:,,

Golden partner:


Silver partners:

Conference silver sponsor: CyberSafe
Conference silver sponsor: STORYFLEX
Conference silver sponsor: Hewlett-Packard


Conference partner: Ekotip
Conference partner: Cesnet
Conference partner: EurOpen
Centre for Information Technology
University of West Bohemia

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