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Conference Program and Focus

The Conference is held annually at selected European research and academic institutes as a counterpart to the traditional American event. Following repeated suggestions by previous participants, Czech Republic has been selected to host the Conference for the first time.

The Conference focuses on contemporary trends in the development, implementation and production use of the AFS file system and Kerberos authentication protocol, accepted as de-facto industrial standards in academia.

Conference talks will introduce recent trends and developments in the field, and present case studies of actual implementations in extensive academical or commercial projects. Related technologies - such as PKI, operating systems, file systems, disk storage solutions, HSM components, etc. - will be discussed as well, including the problems of their use and integration.

A continuously updated Conference schedule and an overview of technologies that are going to be presented will be maintained at the event's official Web page.

Participants and Scope of the Conference

The Conference is typically attended by representatives of academical, research and commercial organizations, who employ the related technologies or who are currently considering their potential benefits. Participation of numerous VIPs (key developers, project coordinators and commercial partners) has already been confirmed.

Between 50 and 100 Czech and European participants are expected. Given the extended scope of the conference, the organizers anticipate increased demand for participation among a wide range of professionals.

Partnership Program

Partners are expected to benefit mostly from the exposition of their brand, and presentation of their products and solutions to a heterogeneous but clearly defined group of participants.

Partner Classification

This section gives an outline of three partner classes. Detailed specification of terms and conditions may be negotiated.

Golden Partner

Silver Partner


Partnership Schedule

Detailed schedule will be negotiated individually. Essential milestones are:

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